studio work


from the studio, March – August 2016 (photo HHW.)

So, writing and commissions aside, there’s always the studio. And during the past week, I’ve returned to this canvas (started out in March). It’s strongly related to the graphic work, but I don’t know yet where it’ll take me; only thing I know is that by now it’s calling for another one. And I need to give it time. Attention.


160728, graphite pencil on paper, 28 x 21 cms


160705; graphite pencil on paper, 28 x 21 cms

160627 (under arbete) b…and I’m free. Birds are still singing, sun is warm. Clouds passing. Future’s come. And, here’s the text (in Swedish, with English abstract):

Thinking Practises; the Artwork Reconstituted as Essay


160627; graphite pencil on paper, 28 x 21 cms


Finally, I have delivered my essay – at the Centre for Practical Knowledge at Södertörn University, Stockholm – whohoo! (Examination due next week.)

The parallel process of compiling an artist book of concepts – a dictionary, of sorts – remains unfinished. From the lithographic workshop to the screenprint department, I take it one small step forward. To be continued in September, hopefully…


160323 01b
Waiting for spring temperatures, I relocated from my studio to the graphic department at the Royal Institute of Art; a detour, but a productive one. In painting, I have been blending red, yellow and blue to achieve neutral gray shades. Now, using lithography, I print overlapping fields of  the same primary colours in various sequences. The resulting hues are all but neutral, and (more interesting) they turn out very different according to the order in which they’re printed.

160323 04b
red and blue on yellow; litho print on paper

160323 02b
yellow and blue on red; litho print on paper

160323 03b
red and yellow on blue; litho print on paper

Grayscale Drawings II

150903bTwo grayscale drawings; graphite on paper, c. 22 x 28 cms.