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quiet days III


Feel painting. Think drawing. Will do it.


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quiet days II

Here goes:

i-080215-2.jpg i-080224-2.jpg i-080226-2.jpg i-080228-2.jpg

# 1, subsequent stages & detail; charcoal, tempera on paper

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quiet days I

Casilda returning I Casilda returning II

# 2, 30 x 20 cms;

# 3, 21 x 14 cms;

watercolour, tempera on paper

One whole week to spend in the atelier. So much work to do.

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at aunt Anna’s

gouzac-i.jpgmilkmaid, aunt and her sistergouzac-ii.jpg

Gouzac I; pencil on paper, 20 x 20 cms

Vermeer copy with aunt and sister

Gouzac II; pencil on paper, 20 x 20 cms

From water and bread in the City to tea and milk with aunt Anna and her sister, their children and Gouzac the watchdog. Auntie and I both like Vermeer. The dog is magnificent and a good workmate. We all had a good time.

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Istanbul Evangelia


Evangelia icon in Ayazma Church, Istanbul

NIPSON ANOMEMATA ME MONAN OPSIN; ‘wash your sins, not your face’… sound of water dripping from the Virgin’s well. A circle of light upon the coarse sand under the oil lamp. The caretaker singing low and gently in Greek. On the wall an icon representing the Annunciation, many times caressed by gazes, prayers, fingertips – deep into the very wood.

ayazma-evangelia-drawing-ii2.jpg ayazma-evangelia-drawing-iii2.jpg ayazma-evangelia-drawing-iv2.jpg

pencil drawings

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Istanbul souvenir, 1997

souvenir, 1997
souvenir from the City; piece of bread, iron plate, wooden frame

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santralistanbul & artlinks

just a few pictures from the exhibition Modern and beyond at santralistanbul:


17-gulsun-karamustafas-men-crying.jpg 18-handan-borutecenes-carpenters-bench.jpg19-handan-borutecenes-carpenters-bench.jpg21-ottosantral.jpg22-waterflow.jpg

…and a few artlinks:






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