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doggy-sitter’s diary II

Some more drawings of Milo; graphite pencil on paper, 21 x 28 cms

Milo, my shaggy friend, is leaving, but Augustine of Hippo stays with me.

“What is it that shineth through me and striketh my heart without injury, so that I both shudder and burn? I shudder because I am unlike it; I burn because I am like it.” (Augustine’s Confessions, XI 9:11)


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doggy-sitters’ diary

Two drawings of Milo; graphite pencil on paper, 21 x 28 cms

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quiet days X

colour exercise; watercolour on paper, 15 x 10,5 cms

Still enjoying the privilege of being able to work in the atelier, now accompanied by Augustine of Hippo “alive, with fiery breath”. And, being a doggy-sitter for some weeks, I take daily walks in a light filtered through autumn leaves.

Constantly awaiting the continuous miracle.

Milo resting; graphite pencil on paper, c. 25 x 30 cms

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Quiet days in the atelier. Also following a course att Uppsala University, I spend an amount of time together with Plato’s Socrates, Thucydides and with my fellow students on the internet. Practising awareness, reflection and the art of dialogue… running out of emerald green and wondering where to get true cinnabar. This one’s for Martin in Chiapas.

Now I’m taking a break, going to Åbo/Turku to meet som fellow nomads and to dance all night.

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