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quiet days/diary painting VII


painting 090223; oil on wood panel, 16 x 17 cms

Experiencing light, and gravity.


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in wo/man

the faculty of Philosophy is making knowledge by thinking
the faculty of Art is making knowledge by feeling
the faculty of Enterprise is making knowledge by undertaking

and the act of organizing knowledge is the University [the One/the Whole]

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painting 090209; oil on wood panel, 16 x 17 cms

– 6° C outdoors, + 5 in the atelier. I light a fire, unpack my things from the Supermarket event, clean up.

While it’s getting warmer indoors, I go for a walk. It is part of the working, too; walking and thinking being one. Clear sky, occasional birdsong. Washing my eyes in light.

Then go back to painting.

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090213-4 090213-5 090213-6

Raine mounting photos; in the next booth is Anders from Hjärnstorm

Photos, maps and artworks from nomads, a few nomadic chairs and a table. These are the visual features of the NUrope mirage. People stop by to talk, to look at paintings or to have their shoes polished – thereby participating in a multi-layered performance by Belgian artist Lieven Paelinck. Other nomads represented were Reino Koivula, Raine Johnsson, Hanna Varis and Kim Ramstedt (Finland); Luise Kloos (Austria); Stella Fajerson (Sweden/Dubai); Maria Backman, Mikael Scherdin, Max Valentin and myself from Sweden – all in little more than four square metres. Even more nomads were involved in preparations – like curator Yulia Usova from Ukraine – or just joined in and took part. Invited by the Supermarket team, and inspired by Reino, five of us also staged an artist talk on contemporary art as viewed from a future perspective.

090214-5 090213-7 090213-10

Lieven’s shoeshine performance; Reino, Kim and Maria listening to Kim’s “Supermercado” soundtrack from Maasto records; Maria purchasing the cd

Supermercado, a Nomadic soundtrack

During the three days, we have met and interacted with hundreds of people. The Nomadic University has manifested its faculties in making art, philosophy and business in the context of the Supermarket Art Fair; this is now another nomadic experience.

Time to sit down and talk over it, before parting again.

To be continued.

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In the booths, at the entrance, by the toilets, among the people… everywhere at the Supermarket, I encounter art as a means of expression.

I feel oxygene is running out; trying to live by exhaling causes exhaustion.

Seeking spots to breathe. Looking for art as a mode of awareness, ‘gentle empiricism’ – once more quoting Goethe.

This piece by Jan Cardell (from the Abandoned Gallery, Malmö, Sweden) I enjoyed.090214

Jan Cardell: Pin-Pong; musical sculpture operated by the spectator. Electrically generated movements produce five different sounds forming complex and flexible rhythms.

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090212-4 090212-6

Lieven Paelinck and Stella Fajerson; painting on the wall by Maria Backman, paintings on the floor by Stella Fajerson

How can the Nomadic University visualize itself at an art fair?

NUrope characteristics are the notebooks, the table, and the chairs; notebooks for reflection, a table for sharing, and chairs for resting in movement…

Now, the artworks are our (transformed) notebooks.  Our 2 x 2 metres’ booth is the space shared at the Supermarket. The nomadic chairs we bring for you.

Opening tomorrow. Be welcome!

090212-7 090212-8

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p1010025 p1010026 p1010027 p1010031

People gathering at Clarion Hotel. Booths are being painted, artist’s talks planned. By a wall stands a suitcase, not yet unpacked, from Berlin? Umeå? or Jerusalem? Low-intensive preparations, quiet movements.

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