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090625 04cleaner on stage at Teatro La Fenice, Venice

Art is the most essential in life.
Art tells no lies.


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090623 01

gangway in Giardini, Venice

I am here now.
I have a neat place to stay where I can make my tea and hear the sounds of the street in the morning.
I see a lot of art. Some made me dance with joy, some made me sit down in wonder.
Wish you were here too.

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Leaving Åbo/Turku for Venice and the Biennale…

be back next week!

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working Darkness IV

090619 14

On Friday, June 19th, Midsummer’s Eve – Juhanni – is celebrated in Finland. The day is cold and rain is in the air, city’s almost deserted. I keep working darkness. Because of the low temperature, I decide not to do the actual felting, just prepare for the making of the bell. Wood sculptor Timo Nenonen helps me in trying out the equipment.

090619 3 090619 2

Reino keeps company, while I build the shape by filling wool from the bottom (which will eventually turn out top), spiralling out outwards and upwards and making sure that fibres are criss-crossing so as to keep together well when felted. Finally, I insert the inner bag filled with saw-dust (kindly provided by Timo) which is meant to keep the material fixed in shape while felting. But for the time being, I leave it there.

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‘Darkness’ workshop is going on at gallery Titanik, in the heart of a Northern midsummer’s abundance of light; right now it’s almost 10 pm and still daylight outdoors. Reino Koivula, my appreciated colleague, non-organizes the event which develops graciously.


Darkness workshop at gallery Titanik; photo by Reino Koivula

I’m the last to leave the gallery, having figured out a possible technique to make three-dimensional bell-shaped pieces of felt and now making the equipment for it. Today’s accomplishment was another carpet, striped in lighter and darker gray and measuring 1,0 x 2,4 metres, later to be cut and shaped by Reino.

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090616 2 090618 1

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working Darkness II

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Today, the first felting was done at gallery Titanik by the bank of Aura river in Åbo/Turku. Wool from värmlandsfår and gutefår, two old Swedish sheep-breeds, was used. Two ewes of värmlandsfår, Stina and Brita, had provided us beautiful dark brown/black fells which were successfully turned into one flat, thick piece of felt measuring 1,1 x 1,5 metres. Moreover, we did some experimenting on three-dimensional felting with gray-black gutefår wool.

  • http://www.arte.fi
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    working Darkness I

    Last week, the Nomadic University held its eighth oasis called ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ – once more in Åbo/Turku. There were lectures by Roger Säljö, Bruce Johnson, Karl-Erik Norrman and others … the opening of Hanna Varis’ exhibition in Åbo Castle… and some good working which will hopefully turn out fruitful.
    For full programme, see the NUrope webpage:

  • http://www.nurope.eu/abo-turku.html)
  • Now, after a short visit home, I pack my car for returning: one bag of course literature, a cool bag for milk and honey, some personal things – clothes and toothbrush, mainly; a huge big cauldron, ten litres of liquid soap, a carpet, a tarpaulin, a bed-sheet and a young tree-trunk plus eight sacks of first-class quality wool in different shades of darkness. Let’s see what will happen next.

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