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Monday friends II

091019 1 091019 3

two more drawings; graphite pencil on paper, ca 20 x 30 cms each

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a hare finding its way through the forest, senses open all around;
the attentive mind

the hunter tracing its track, set and sharp;
the reflective mind

and the hunter will kill the hare, over and over

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Practice attention and reflection.  But separate.

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diary painting XVIII


090917; oil on wood panel, 21 x 22,5 cms

In spring, the green of nature is bright, radiant. Today, when summer is already gone, it can be equally intense; no more the heavy shades of August, but translucent, almost transubstantial.

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diary painting XVII

090910090910; oil on wood panel, 21 x 22,5 cms

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