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Interplay at the ECP IV

By noon on Saturday, the Russian translator/voice arrives, and we almost have the time to rehearse all together. Once.
And then we are onstage.

And we did it.
Thanks to everyone involved!

091212 Interplay


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Interplay at the ECP III

Early Saturday morning; la Gioconda smiles at me from the shower curtain.

Yesterday, two more nomads of the Nomadic University generously accepted to join the performance, so now only the Arabic voice is missing.

The ECP session begins at 9 am. After a week or more with overcast sky, the sun shines in through the large side window at Artisten. A loose in the programme; I take the opportunity to call for an Arabic speaking person in the audience, and yes – there is actually one.  He accepts to participate. By now, there are quite a number of persons involved – all open, generous, sincere and courageous.

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Interplay at the ECP II

    preparations; stretching the fabric, attaching plummets and placing the screens onstage

The venue for this session is Artisten, Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University.

I spend Thursday night and early Friday morning checking out material conditions; there are eight screens measuring 1,15 x 2,90 metres available – splendid! the black sheets will fit perfectly on them.
And the plummets will hang from plastic pipes nailed to the top edges. Anders, technician at Artisten, provides me with everything I need, and preparations run smoothly.
But then there’s the human factor. We will need some time to rehearse. And in fact, I do not know who will read the Italian, Finnish and Arabic versions yet. Or, if the Russian voice will arrive in time tomorrow.

As Tooticky points out, ‘everything is very insecure… which is exactly what soothens me’.

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Interplay at the ECP I

backstage at Artisten, Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg

At the NUrope oasis in Åbo/Turku, June 2009, I staged a two-part workshop named Image upon the wall.
In late September, I was asked to do it again at the ECP session in Gothenburg, December 11th to 13th – as a performance within the NUrope presentation.

The performance, being the visualization of an actual process involving a number of people, then had to be literally re-created; re-thinking the concept, re-calling cooperation partners, re-newing the framing and re-writing the text.

Last Thursday, I took a train to Gothenburg, bringing a box of white chalks, four black cotton bedsheets, five plummets and a text rendered in five languages, printed out in three copies each.

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Cold snap: a sudden whiteness, extended shadows. Iridescent light.

With the good help of friends – from London to Helsinki, and from Dubai to Södertälje – I prepare a multi-lingual reading performance at the European Cultural Parliament session in Gothenburg next week.

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