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brief stay in Turku

Going on a one-day trip to Åbo/Turku to see Bengt and Kim for a good day’s work. I walk along the Aura river from the harbour, pass the castle following the old Castle street to the marketplace and cathedral square.

Weather has been less cold for a while now, at times even damp; since days, hoarfrost is building on any surface that isn’t covered with snow. Trees like birds ruffled up in down covering, sheltered in darkness.

In Kim’s company, I experience the city by ear. It becomes an instrument, resounding people’s feet and voices, cars and church-bells and doors opening and shutting; all sounds muffled, all corners softened by the snow.


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New Year 2010

Beyond the turning point: light returning slowly. Yesterday -19° C, today it’s -8 only.
Having finished some writing, I will go back to the atelier. Keep the fire burning.

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