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Return to Darkness I

Here are some sketches for the Pimeyden Kodat / Cots of Darkness project; more on



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So, this is where the Nomadic University will gather in August, hosted by professors Robert Bacalja and Josip Zanki from Zadar University; the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world, according to Alfred Hitchcock. Where singing voices unexpectedly float out of churches, or streetside diners. Where stones are light and the sea clear and salt.
And in the nearby city of Nin, Josip shows me the world’s littlest cathedral, a shrine resonating the human voice like the body of an instrument. This I will not forget.

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Saturday, conducting a talk/dialogue at a seminar on spirituality in art (no, I wouldn’t lecture on that; but dialogue will show, unfailingly, how spiritual awareness is at hand);
Monday, presenting “terrastella” drawings for the Pimeyden Kodat/Darkness project and Turku 2011 Foundation;
Tuesday, preparing an exhibition at Vidarkliniken, Järna;
and today, if the volcanoes let me through, leaving for Zadar (Croatia) to plan for the next NUrope oasis.

Thank you, Anne Külper, Ulf Sand, Päivi Lönnberg, Robert Bacalja, Josip Zanki, Reiska and Bengt for your door-openings and invitations.

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100302; oil on wood panel, 34 x 35 cms x 2

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