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among others IV

above: flower painting by Bengt Christer Carlsson, flower arrangement and mixed technique assemblage by Helena Hildur W;
below: mirror installation  by HHW and self portrait by Mayson Kourie;
all photos by Helena Hildur W.

The material readily grouped along three distinct themes – the narrative, the self portrait theme and that which deals with light and colour representing nothing but itself. Each one could have formed a separate exhibition; I chose to interlace all three, trying to do justice to the great range of expressions and temperaments. To the self portrait theme, I add mirror installations.


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among others III

self portrait by Erik Bergström; photo HHW.

In this exhibition, there are works from more than 30 originators, including myself. What we have in common may be the experience of solitariness, and a strive for communication which is not easily obtained. Some of us are restricted by neural or muscular disabilities, some of us have (for various reasons) never even spoken. Being human, we are vulnerable and imperfect.
Nevertheless, courage and awareness at times turn our imperfection into divine playfulness.

drawing by Ulf Magni; photo HHW.

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among others II

self-portraits in a social space, crayons and watercolour on paper; all photos by HHW.

These wall paintings originate from workshops I have carried out recurrently since 2002. By colour and form, they testify the courage and awareness mobilized in a creative process both personal and social.
So, here they are again, thanks to the evocative magic of images; Martin, Per, Soledad, Vivi, Bengt Christer, Ulf, Maria, Anders, Carina, Mayson… this exhibition is for all of you.

“med flera”, exhibition at Galleri Kretsen, Orionkullen, Södertälje

Open 12 – 16 all days except Mondays until December 5th.

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among others I

paintings from upcoming exhibition “among others” (details); all photos by HHW.

And now for something completely different… curating “among others”, an exhibition with works by some of my friends.

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The darkness of space carries all light unseen of the universe.

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from darkness

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Return to Darkness XIX

art at work; all photos by Reino Koivula, except the snowsparrow (“installation by Josefiina 3”) by Josefiina Kiikka

I’m back home, but the terrastella stays quietly in the library yard, and people find their way to it. By dusk, the gas heater is lit and library visitors as well as skater kids get inside to warm up. On Sunday, November 7, Josefiina brings her installation: a mouse, a snowsparrow and all those eggs floating in air.

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