skaparläger 2017 021First day of the summer workshop. Around twenty people meet up in the morning. Some are newcomers, most of us have met before. Some of us (but far from all) are experienced in painting, modelling and drawing. As a group, we represent a broad range of physical/cognitive variations, with one constant: our common need for – and delight in – working with creative expressions. I open the workshop with the beginning of a story; a tale of a gruesome tempest and a small group of people fleeing in a boat… What would they bring with them to start a new life? And what will happen next?

In the days to come, the story will find its way through our shared emotions, experiences, images and words… No matter if you cannot speak or if your hands won’t move according to your will; sincerity and playfulness, the urge to communicate will come through somehow. Form and colour provide a powerful language.

skaparläger 2017 024


More preparations: stones and water forming a miniature landscape indoors, lit by a wandering sunray. The beginning of a story emerges… Painting material is now distributed on all tables. So, welcome tomorrow!


Preparing for my recurrent commission, a creative workshop, in a spacious building embraced by summer. One day for bringing the material, covering the floor, arranging tables and chairs… Paint and brushes. Paper, pencils and crayons. Waiting mode. Not ready yet.

170414 04b

170414 03b

oil paint on canvas, 200 x 200 cms; five subsequent stages, February – April 2017

170201 01b

170202 02b
170318 01b

170414 02b

170227; graphite pencil on paper, 21×28 cms


170225; graphite pencil on paper, 21×28 cms

Sun setting rapidly.


170224 01; wax crayons on paper, 12×14 cms
170224 02; aquarelle crayons on paper (black), 12×10 cms