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170414 04b

170414 03b

oil paint on canvas, 200 x 200 cms; five subsequent stages, February – April 2017

170201 01b

170202 02b
170318 01b

170414 02b


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…and now that my contribution to Satan’s Delirium is up and running with the rest, it’s time for me to land in the studio again. Had scheduled this October mainly for printmaking, but sadly, the graphic department at the Royal Institute of Art suffered from a devastating fire some weeks ago. No person hurt, but dire material damages – above all, a number of students lost all of their works – and since then, the building isn’t safe and nobody is allowed into the workshops except for carpenters and construction workers.

Graphic department at the Royal Institute of Art, september 21st, 2016.
Photo: Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT)

So, serious shit did happen at the RIA. But I was lucky not to have too much stored in those workshops. I can just stay home and take up painting where I left it in September… a  very suitable option, in fact.


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from the studio, March – August 2016 (photo HHW.)

So, writing and commissions aside, there’s always the studio. And during the past week, I’ve returned to this canvas (started out in March). It’s strongly related to the graphic work, but I don’t know yet where it’ll take me; only thing I know is that by now it’s calling for another one. And I need to give it time. Attention.

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nästa steg 1b
Twelve paintings, studies for a next step. One morning I wake up, feeling like falling out of the horizon. Is it possible not to seek beauty? I guess not. Could I hope for expanding my understanding of beauty? I guess.

nyckelord 1b


nästa steg 2b

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160106, oil paint on canvas, c. 54 x 54 cms

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160105, oil paint on canvas, c. 54 x 54 cms

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160104, oil paint on canvas, c. 54 x 54 cms

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